AltaMed Telenovela Sin Vergüenza (Without Shame)

Joanna Zanella
Professional Actress & Model

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Make sure this Friday November 30th to check out AltaMed Telenovela Sin Verguenza (Without Shame) premiering on Youtube. The Sin Vergüenza (Without Shame) is a web-series that encourages people to get HIV tested as a routine part of their medical care and then to seek HIV medical care if they test positive. This is a fantastic web-series that addresses difficult issues that families may face, but it also portrays the unconditional love and support that carries this family through such a challenging time. The web-series stars Joanna Zanella, Eliana Alexander, Daniel E. Mora, J.M. Longoria III, and Maria Richwine.

Joanna Zanella Booking Information
Professional Model / Actress / Spokesmodel / TV Host
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