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Born in West Hollywood California, on May 5th, 1988, Joanna Zanella and her family moved to Guadalajara Jalisco, Mexico when she was an Infant. 10 years later, her father brought the family back to California finally settling in Southern California when Joanna was TEN. In love with the idea of becoming an actress from the age of four, at the age of ten joanna pursued her dream of being an actress/model.

With the help and support of her parents Joanna signed with her first agency. Within a year she had booked four National TV commercials for Kraft, JcPenny, Nickelodeon, Wells Fargo Bank. Joanna landed more commercials in the following years.

In 2005 Joanna received the Gabriel’s Award in excellence for VOZ LATINA for playing the lead role as VICENTE for latino soap operas showed in South America. In 2006 joanna coincidentally met ann asiano owner of umbrella girls usa at a starbucks. This began joannas career as a spokes model. she traveled all over the United States with Umbrella Girls USA.

In 2008 she was casted in the independent feature “Un dia en el Banco” (2008) the cast includes Armando Araiza, Luis Gatica and legendary Armando Sylvestre. In 2009 Joanna competed in a beauty Pageant for FOX Sports, Winning her Tittle as Miss Mexico Fox Sports USA.

Joanna’s Career has only rocketed to the top by continuing her success with many More projects. Her latest in the past year 2012 Include
A two Year Campaign as their SpokesPerson and Image for Deardens.
A Hair Campaign with One of Hollywood’s best Hair Dresser “WEN” by Chaz Dean.
Appearing as a Show Host on TV AZTECA for the show “El Pelado de La Noche”.
Hosting Many Different Sporting Events with Univision and Coors light.
Embassador for the Tour Of California Cycling Events
Being one of the Leading Actresses on The Telenovela “Sin Verguenza” by Altamed

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